Our second Robot is still in progress. For more information about the design and abilities you are welcome to contact us via E-Mail or in the comments.

Our IT-Team (Mikka) works on our feature to controll the ROV with an Ps4-Controller . 


The Controller and the Engine (the little thing with a   propeller, next to the big white box) are connected to the raspberrypi .







On the picture is a laptop, an Engine, a transformer , a Controller & a raspberrypi.


After scaling the dimensions of the compartment , we began to draw a blueprint of the frame. 

Then we had to assign it to the plates, this was done by Florian (left) , Jan (middle) and Jannis (right) . After Jannis cut the plate into the right pieces, Florian used abrasive paper to bring it to its final form.  

Jannis assembled the frames on the

teacher´s desk and checked, if the compartment really fit.

Then we worked on the connection between compartment and frame  so that it didn`t budge .

The waterproof compartment and it´s capacity is really important for our robot .

Like the engines, the camera is also controlled by the raspberry pi .

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